Welcome to our factory.

Production base

Our production is carried out in one of the most advanced an modern factories for solar water heaters and collectors in Europe. 
We have invested in high precision machinery, state-of-the-art technology & in industrial automatization methods. Using the professional experience of Nobel International, we are always achieving to ensure our products quality and high production capacity.

Water tanks production

  • Hydraulic & eccentric presses for the steel sheet deep drawing;
  • Automated perforation, forming and welding machinery for the storage water tank housing;
  • Аutomated robotized system for storage tank components welding;
  • Automated production line of laser technology electric welding machinery;
  • Autonomous enamelling unit;
  • Electrostatic painting units.

Collectors production

  • Waterframe automated production line (perforation, welding, forming & tightness check);
  • Laser Technology Hyperautomated welding machine for the absorber production;
  • 200 tn hydraulic press for the production of the collector one piece external trough;    

 Automated perforation cutting and forming machine for the steel sheets used in the production of the support bases for both thermosiphonic and forced circulation solar systems. 

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